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“Facebook Blogging” Is it even possible?

How Blogging Possible On Facebook

While most bloggers use Facebook to help and advance their current online blog, you can likewise blog straightforwardly on Facebook for nothing. In the event that you need to figure out how to blog on Facebook, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages and limits of contributing to a blog on this well-known social platform. 

The Two Ways to Blog Directly on Facebook 

There are two different ways to blog on Facebook. The first is through Facebook posts, which turn out best for short posts. The subsequent method to blog straightforwardly on the social channel is through Facebook Notes, which permits you to make basic yet appealing longer blog posts that are simple for your devotees to peruse. 

Step by step instructions to Blog Using Facebook Posts 

At the point when you think about the expression “publishing content to a blog,” you may consider articles that are somewhat more than most online media posts. In any case, there’s additionally a thing called microblogging, which is the point at which a blogger makes a short piece of important and profoundly engaged content to impart to a crowd of people. Facebook is only one of numerous platforms ideal for microblogging—Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are other well-known microblogging destinations.

Numerous bloggers use Facebook posts for microblogging. Facebook is the ideal platform to share short videos, pictures, and text-based content. The greatest character means Facebook is 63,206; notwithstanding, contemplates show that Facebook posts with 80 characters or less create 88% greater commitment. With regards to posting on Facebook, more limited posts with eye-catching visuals or videos will in general work the best. 

Since short posts function admirably, however, doesn’t mean longer posts can’t work. For instance, writer Jeff Foster regularly composes posts somewhere in the range of 300 and 1,000 words which frequently produce high volumes of preferences, offers, and remarks that most bloggers would envy. 

To be fruitfully contributing to a blog on Facebook, you need to comprehend your crowd and sort out what they need from you. Test with various post sorts and lengths. At that point, accomplish a greater amount of what turns out best for your devotees. 

The most effective method to Blog Using Facebook Notes 

Facebook Notes is an element offered on the social channel that most likely doesn’t get as much consideration as it merits. You can utilize Facebook Notes to make similar kinds of blog posts you could have on famous writing for a blog platform like WordPress and Squarespace. 

At the point when you click on Notes from your tabs bar you’ll see the accompanying: 

“Add Facebook Notes”

To add another blog post by means of Notes, basically, click on the “+Add Note” button in the upper right corner. When you do this, a clear format will show up (see underneath). You will utilize this format to make your blog post. 

Step by step instructions to Format Your Facebook Note Blog Posts 

As you can see from the picture above, the Facebook Notes interface is genuinely basic. You can add a picture, a title, and afterward your blog post content. The current date is naturally added to your post. You have the decision to erase, save, or publish your Facebook Note. On the off chance that you decide to save the Note, a draft will be saved yet it won’t be distributed. You can save posts and return and keep composing or altering later, and when you’re prepared, you would then be able to distribute them. 

Ideal included picture measurements for Facebook Notes are 1200 by 445 pixels. Since your included picture will show up in your adherents’ feeds—and will impact the number of will be adequately captivated to peruse your post—it’s imperative to pick an eye-catching picture. 

While Facebook Note arranging highlights could scarcely be depicted as powerful, the platform gives you enough instruments to make alluring blog posts. The majority of the organizing instruments are uncovered exclusively after you begin composing; basically, click on the circle in addition to the symbol and the section symbol to see your designing alternatives.

Facebook Notes permits you to add pictures and HTML code into your blog posts. You can likewise implant videos, endowments, and links to content on different locales to your Facebook Notes. 

Blog post-text-organizing choices are uncovered by tapping on the section symbol. You can change feature sizes or add bulleted records, numbered records, and statements to your blog articles. You can likewise intense and emphasize your content. 

Whenever you’ve distributed your blog post utilizing Facebook Notes, this is what it will resemble in your devotees’ Facebook channels: 

As should be obvious, just a short example of the content for your blog post will show up in your devotees’ feeds. Your fans should click “See More” to peruse your full blog post. That is the reason it’s critical to guarantee your picture and your blog post presentation are convincing; on the off chance that you don’t, you will not get your clients to tap on the “See More” link and your blog will go unviewed. 

At the point when your devotees click on the “See More” link, they’ll see your full blog post while never leaving Facebook (see model underneath).

One Big Note of Caution About Facebook Notes 

Facebook Notes is a suitable and free approach to blog on Facebook. In any case, while this element was somewhat more mainstream some time back, it truly hasn’t gotten out of control and I’m seeing less and less individuals use it today. It creates the impression that even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is just utilizing Notes sparingly. 

While there’s been no declaration to date by Facebook about pulling this element from its foundation, Facebook makes administration changes occasionally. In the event that you plan on publishing content to a blog on Facebook by means of Facebook Notes, I emphatically suggest you keep a duplicate of those posts somewhere else. I’d prefer not to see you lose all your content should Facebook quit supporting its Notes include.


You can blog on Facebook with the expectation of complimentary utilizing either the social channel’s post or Facebook Notes highlights. For top writing for blog results, however—particularly on the off chance that you need to get the most cash flow from your contributing to a blog endeavor—it’s ideal to fabricate your own blog and use Facebook to advance that blog. 



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