Meta Tags And SEO – Do’s and Don’ts


SEO experts and most online entrepreneurs know what meta tags are. Nevertheless, not every person understands the significant job meta tags play in search engine streamlining. 

As additionally enthusiastic and most recent search engine ranking components got mainstream over the most recent couple of years, meta tags have lost their significance by some amount. SEO factors, for example, commitment rate, the stacking rate of a site, mobile responsiveness, and so on have taken the spotlight away from meta tags. 

Notwithstanding, they stay a necessary and essential portion of website pages and, subsequently, ought not be overlooked. 

In this blog post, we feature a couple of do’s and don’ts of meta tags that would guarantee that you are doing the fundamentals right.

1. Make interesting meta titles and meta descriptions for each website page 

In spite of the fact that it appears to be somewhat self-evident, it is critical to recall that meta tags must be novel. Making copy title tags and meta descriptions won’t help you. 

Exceptional meta descriptions are favored via search engines, however they will likewise offer you a chance to clarify your site page in a superior manner. 

This is particularly significant for internet business sites and online stores that have a lot of comparable looking items. It’s vital for them to have exceptional title tags and meta descriptions for each page and precisely characterize the item and the data the page may contain.

2. Deliberately place significant keywords in meta tags 

While meta tags educate clients what is the issue here, they additionally need to have important keywords. 

Deliberately putting keywords in the title tag and meta description may give you several favorable circumstances during search engine optimization. To begin with, search engine crawlers may give more significance to keywords found in the meta description and title tag. 

Second, keywords that the online visitors search for likewise get featured in the meta tags by Google. This grabs the eye of online clients and urges them to click a website page.

3. Try not to surpass the limit of the number of characters

The title tag and the meta tag both have character limits. The tip is to state all you need to state without breaking that limit. 

For the most part, the title tag ought not contain more than 55-60 characters. In the event that a title tag surpasses the character limit, search engines will cut the remainder of it. In a perfect world, to take no chances placed the main data in the initial 50 characters. 

For meta descriptions, the last limit of characters is roughly 155 to 165 characters. It ought to quickly depict what is the issue here and give online clients a motivation behind why they should tap the connection. 

There are endless outcomes in the search engine results pages (SERPs) that are rivaling each other for the online customer’s consideration. Attempt treating your meta description as an advertisement for your site page. This is your opportunity to persuade the searchers that your website page is the thing that they are searching for. 

4. Make it exciting and attention grabbing 

How would you persuade them? 

By making it intriguing and locks in. Here are some pointers for that:-

  • Notice your upper hand. 
  • Utilize the keywords that they will undoubtedly be searching for. 
  • Use activity verbs.Write your meta description in dynamic sentences. 
  • Ensure that the meta description is linguistically right. 
  • Ensure it is anything but difficult to-peruse and straightforward. 
  • Put the main data before in the meta description to grab the client’s eye as quickly as time permits. 
  • On the off chance that your image is conspicuous, you can put its name in the title tag or the meta description. 
  • Check whether you can utilize irrefutable information and details to expand the validity of your substance.

5. Remember an incredible call-to-action 

Eventually, the motivation behind a title tag and, particularly, the meta description is to persuade individuals to click on them and to direct people to the site. 

This is the reason you need an incredible call-to-action to settle the negotiation. 

Use words and expressions, for example, ‘Find out more‘, ‘Shop for [your products], ‘Buy now‘, ‘Read here‘, and so on may expand the click-through rate. 


The natural click-through rate (CTR) is quickly turning into another search engine factor. You can just build it by improving the nature of your site page’s title tag and meta description

The aforementioned do’s and don’ts will assist you with creating better meta tags.



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