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Use of alt tags for SEO important or not?


Alt text (elective content) depicts a picture on a page. It lives in the HTML code and isn’t normally obvious on the page itself. Yet, what’s so significant about Dose alt tags for SEO important or not? Also, how might you use it to improve SEO and client experience? 

For what reason is alt text significant? 

Alt text matters for four principle reasons:- 

  • Improves availability 
  • Can improve ‘effective significance’ 
  • Can assist you with positioning in Google Images 
  • Fills in as anchor text for picture links

1. Alt text improves availability 

A large number of individuals are having visual impairment and many use screen readers to help them translate whatever is being shown on the screen. These work by changing over on-screen content, including pictures, to audio. 

Pictures without alt text trouble the users on the grounds that it’s absolutely impossible to convey the content of the picture to the visitors. On most occasions, visitors overlook these pictures, or more awful, read out long and pointless picture filenames. 

Google discusses the significance of alt text for customers with screen perusers in their starter guide of SEO.

2. Alt text can improve ‘effective importance’ 

Google takes a gander at the words on a page to comprehend what is the issue here. For instance, in the event that the page specifies poodles, labradors, and retrievers, at that point Google realizes it’s about the varieties of dogs. 

Why do these link with pictures/images? 

In certain contexts, what happens is that the content is in the form of pictures which google is not able to read.

Now when google sees the images and makes an inference that the images shown are dog’s images, but google might not be able to tell you the specific breed that dog in the picture has. this is where you would need an alt text. 

3. Alt text can assist you with your position (rank) in Google Images 

Google Images is the world’s second-biggest search engine. It’s liable for 20.45% of every single online hunt, putting it ahead of YouTube, Bing, and other search engine platforms joined together.

4. Alt text fills in as anchor text for picture links 

The role of anchor text is to link the clickable words which when clicked connect one page to another. Google utilizes it to see more about the website page and what is the issue here. 

In any case, not all links are in the form of texts, some are pictures. 

Google states: 

“If in case, you do choose to make use of a picture as a link, writing its alt text would assist google in a better way in order to get an idea about the web page you are linking your image with. It’s as simple as writing a text for your word linking.”

Step by step instructions to compose great alt text 

Alt text isn’t some advanced science. Follow these five prescribed procedures, and you are good to go with. 

  1. Be short and crisp: the ones who are using screen readers, lengthy alt text becomes really difficult to read out. Hence the use of long texts should be avoided as far as possible. 
  2. Great accuracy : you ought to focus on the description of the image. 
  3. Don’t do keyword stuffing now, this is definitely not a place where keyword stuffing is necessary at all. 
  4. Avoiding to state the name image : There’s no need to mention “this picture…” or “this image…”. This is google’s work and it knows how to recognise a picture by itself. 
  5. Stay away from excess text : Try not to add data that as of now exists inside the setting of the picture. For instance, in the event that you have a photograph of Steve Jobs and the content legitimately underneath the picture peruses “Steve Jobs,” there’s no compelling reason to add this portrayal to the alt tag. Google ought to comprehend that the subtitle is viably the alt text. 


Optimization of alt text is necessary however, it’s not the be-and-end-all of picture SEO. You ought to likewise upgrade filenames, serve responsive pictures, think about sluggish stackings and considerably much more than that.



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