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Google AdWords

Adwords make it possible to run a campaign massively on different platforms be it be websites or mobile applications. It suits best for someone starting small but its effectiveness cannot be ignored when it comes to creating a presence and generating leads, which is why, it is chosen as the most widely used advertising category.

Has it ever happened before that despite advertising campaigns, your business is unstable? What is lacking, do you wonder? Stability is not something that all agencies can offer, and our strategists are the cream of the digital world. They will help you to bring stability in your business, and a major part of it lies in advertising. Get known in the online world with a bang!

Google Display Ad Network

Banner and images based ads fall in this section of the Google ad network. Also, this one is a widely used feature by mostly shopping brands. You get the opportunity to list your products as well as popularize your business as a brand. This one is best for increasing brand awareness apart from traffic, leads and sales growth.

Many times it gets overlooked that the ad campaigns do attach a notion with a brand, and that is why it is important that ads are cleverly created so that the right image is projected. Advertising brings a character to a business that is there for it to stay as long as it is online. From theme to thoughtful messages and graphics to the taglines, all need strategical thinking. Clickstree is avidly working round the clock to help create a character for a brand that can stay in the market and bring intended outcomes.

Online identity begins with Advertising! Clickstree Advertising is known in the market for launching businesses with that bedazzling impression.

Shopping campaigns

Google allows you to feature business ad campaigns for those who are into ecommerce. It requires to project clear images to grab the attention of the user and engage them to your ecommerce website. You will be required to enlist title, product image, carousels, mention price and store information with it. Deemed as one of the best for shopping websites and have shown successful result in selling products, this one is the best campaign to opt for your ecommerce business.

Generating traffic is obviously the agenda, and that can only be if the ad campaign gets noticed in the first place. We create campaigns that are catchy, clever and something that can leave an impression behind. This way or that, you will surely get noticed in the market.

Google Remarketing
and Management

How clever it would be to be able to bring back the customers who visited your website or mobile app? With this thought, Google remarketing and management is a powerful tool that lets you connect with the customers to fetch them back to your business site.

Sending soft, polite and attractive reminders to your customers who signed up but left with an empty cart, or someone who subscribed and you want to keep them hooked, Google remarketing and management is what you need.

Clickstree is here to render its best support with able strategists working in its team that has proficiency in mapping and shaping the character of your business. We are here to give your business a virtual shape that is immaculately laid out. Advertising is a way of tagging a business with an identity.

Why paid search and PPC is deemed necessary?

For any business from sales point of view paid search and PPC is the gateway to bring the business in online market. Google being at the top of the search engines, provides ample opportunities for businesses to list their products and make sales. You product get listed on it search results, websites powered with Google Ads, its app stores and social media channels. If you want to come in the mainstream, google advertising is necessary.

From the logo to its slogan and the product that a business is selling, all helps in building the identity of the business. We don’t want to mess it up, so creating a powerful identity, and of course, stands significant. Here is when we come to play!

PPC is a powerful tool that can help a business grow within a short span of time.
  • Target the audience effectively
  • Generate Traffic within a short time
  • Sales Growth with flying colors
  • Track leads, receive updates and view reports
  • Ample exposure to business globally
  • For a little money spent, maximum value earned

Experts at Clickstree specializes in PPC Advertising Campaigns that can set
new parameters for you in the market and help change your game big time!

  • Define your target demographics
  • Position yourself in front of relevant consumers
  • Optimise your ad for location
  • Receive regular updates and reports
  • Work within a budget that suits you
  • Review your ad’s success based on tangible results

Best of all, our expert Google AdWords customer service team is here to provide help and support each step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google charges throughout the month based on thresholds that a person sets. According to your budget, you can set a threshold, and Google will display the ads accordingly. Do know that the threshold is exclusive of taxes, and Google will never charge you more than the costs set. So taxed or not (depending on the country you belong to), the cost will never go higher than the threshold you have set.

Yes, with the help of mobile devise targeting, you can set up ads for display on mobile applications alone. In the “display campaigns” section, one can easily choose the “mobile-only campaigns” where you will get the option to target Android or iOS operating systems, device models and carriers, among other options.

It is completely subjective as per the need of the advertiser. You can set a budget according to the keyword that you want to target. As a general rule for every keyword one wants to target, it would require somewhere between 100-200 clicks to bear the outcome. Accordingly, one can set the budget.

Google ad impressions are how often your ad was shown to the audience targeted. An impression, in other terms, is referred to as the count of each time your ad was shown on a search result page or other sites that run under the Google Network.

Ad position simply means the order of your ad in the auction results in comparison to the other ads. Please know that the ad position does not necessarily mean that your ad is above or below the organic result. It simply signifies the ad shown by what order.

So if you are on position 1, it signifies that your ad was the first ad shown, and there were no ads ahead of yours. It does not tell or reveal necessarily anything about the location of your ad on the results.

The phone number should show if you have added in the Google ad campaign, but there can be reasons when sometimes, due to server issues, the ad may not display properly. In that case, we advise you to try and update the number and then refresh the search results.

Another way would be to delete cookies and refresh your browser, after which the ad would display correctly.

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