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In case you have ever invested any energy in SEO or online marketing, you realize that the scene is constantly evolving. To stay aware of the technology and innovation, you need to research and figure out how to remain on the ball. A year ago, Google declared the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, ready to change the overall mobile web experience. That was October. Presently that we’re nearly 22 months out from that declaration, how is it doing Search Engine Optimization?

What is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages? 

Google AMP is a conventional protocol for website developers and designers. It’s an open-source project created by Google in a joint effort with WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The purpose of the task is to improve the speed of mobile sites, as Google’s exploration shows that websites lose a normal of 40% of guests if the site neglects to stack inside three seconds. Sites that convey AMP innovation can improve the heap speed, and subsequently the general mobile experience. 

AMP is likewise thought of as a response to Facebook’s Instant Articles activity, which permits substance to stack rapidly straightforwardly inside the Facebook application. 

The Technology Powering Google AMP 

AMP is worked with a stripped-down variant of HTML and JavaScript. It’s restricted distinctly to what in particular is needed to show data to a mobile client, permitting 10x less information to pass contrasted with a customary site.

AMP HTML is only a rearranged variant of ordinary HTML. You can recognize it with a lightning jolt in the code. Most AMP HTML labels coordinate conventional HTML labels, however some have been supplanted or adjusted to improve execution. 

AMP JavaScript is a streamlined JavaScript library, considering facades to non concurrently stack in that library. No single component can obstruct the perspective on others. Any lethargic CSS is impaired, and contents from outsiders aren’t stacked as a matter of course. 

Designers can alternatively utilize AMP Cache to permit Google to store AMPs. The stored adaptations of AMP sites are conveyed through a substance conveyance organization (CDN). Using the AMP Cache, all designs and JavaScript documents are stacked from a similar source. Since it likewise incorporates an approval framework, the page is completely useful without dependence on any outside sources. 

What Has Google AMP Meant for SEO? 

Soon after Google revealed the main organization that zeroed in on English-language news distributors, Google said the AMPs weren’t brought into results, simply an enhancement for the client experience. They have said AMP is certifiably not an authority positioning variable, nonetheless, on the grounds that AMPs improve site load time, which is a positioning component, they have assumed a part in SEO. 

AMP pages are set higher in the outcomes.

AMPs show higher in the search results of mobile, so clients don’t need to scroll vertically. They’re designed, so they show in a flat merry go round for simple swiping, which gives any highest level AMP pages high perceivability.

The vast majority are perusing the content.

Individuals who click on AMP pages are bound to draw in with the substance and more averse to bob. This makes it a fantastic alternative for individuals who utilize long-structure content to develop associations with perusers. 

AMP isn’t exclusively static.

Despite the fact that they are a stripped-down variant of the innovation utilized on the full web, you can in any case incorporate powerful substance, video, sound, and social sharing catches. Over the long haul, we’ll see extra, more intricate page components added. 

Google Analytics upholds Google AMP.

Along these lines, you can perceive how clients are reacting to the AMP variants of your pages. You can follow online visits, taps on different pieces of your points of arrival, and social communications and interactions. 

AMP Pages will not produce leads.

Until the capacity to add opt-in forms comes to AMP, you will not have the option to assemble leads with it. On the off chance that it is your essential center, you will not perceive any profit by the implementation of AMP on your site. 

AMP could hamper third party referencing endeavors.

The URL of AMP pages is as yet established in, so on the off chance that you get links to your AMP pages, you will not get a similar link juice and advantage than if somebody connected to your normal page. Since third party referencing assumes a critical part in ethical SEO, this is an issue for some sites. 

Your HTML should be impeccable.

Google will not reserve your AMP pages on the web except if they are 100% liberated from code errors or blunders, so except if you are, or can enlist an expert to accomplish the work for you, you will most likely be unable to make proper use of the implementation of AMP. 

AMP doesn’t help eCommerce sites.

AMP centers generally around long-structure content and articles. By and large, this doesn’t give answers to questions your clients would inquire. Except if your business site has a significant library of blog posts and articles, there isn’t a lot of utilization for AMP HTML yet.

What might be said about the Mobile-First Index? 

First declared in November 2016, we actually haven’t seen it being launched. It’s indispensable to remember AMP for the subject of your site before the launching  of the index since it’s superior to utilizing a separate domain or responsive website design for your mobile website. 

AMP reports loading 2 times quicker than standard sites, and simply a 10th of the dormancy of a responsive mobile page. 

Still not certain you should focus on AMP? 

  • A one-second delaying in site load time can diminish transformations by up to 7 percent. 
  • By 2021, 80 percent of all mobile data traffic will come from cell phones. 
  • A recent report found that 58 percent of searches were concentrated upon smartphones


At last, it’s too early to perceive how the AMP Project will find a way into the fate of SEO. Except if you’re centered around long-structure content, there’s very little advantage for you, yet that could rapidly change in the coming months and years. There might be a comparative framework actualized for eCommerce and business sites later. However, the reality stays that page speed and mobile cordiality or friendliness is fundamental to all the websites.



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